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Centennial Contractors Enterprises Seeking Subcontractors for Job Order Contracts (JOC) Seattle, WA June 2018
Centennial currently holds contracts for, and anticipates in the upcoming year, performance of public works projects of various sizes and scope under job order and similar contracts throughout Washington, including contracts with the City of Seattle, University of Washington, Lake Washington School District, Port of Seattle, State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services, Sound Transit, Spokane Public Schools, City of Vancouver, and Washington State University. I
n support of these efforts we are seeking highly qualified, safety and quality conscious subcontractors of all trades and specialties to join our team. Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) are strongly encouraged to respond.
For information please contact our Western WA office at (206) 547-0135; Eastern WA office at (509) 228-9405 or visit our website at www.cce-internal.com/nwnf.


RFP for Security Services
The Port of Skagit County (the Port) is seeking a qualified and experienced firm to provide security services at
(1) the Skagit Regional Airport and Bayview Business Park and
(2) SWIFT Center (former Northern State Hospital).
PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS Required elements of proposal: Security firm name, address, phone number, and the primary contact person within the firm for the proposal. Description of the firm’s qualifications, clearly illustrating the firms’ experience, ability, and skills. Description of the training and experience of security officers who would be assigned to Port properties. List, for reference purposes, clients for whom the firm has provided similar services, complete with client name, contact person and phone number. Monthly fee for the services requested (see Scope of Services below). Proposals are limited to a maximum of five (5) double-sided sheets of paper for 10 total pages of content.
PROPOSAL SUBMISSION Submittals are due no later than 5 p.m. on June 29, 2018. Proposals may be submitted to Jodee Peace via email, personal delivery to the Port office, or mail as follows: Email: jodeep@portofskagit.com Personal Delivery & Mail: Port of Skagit County 15400 Airport Drive Burlington, WA 98233 It is the proposers’ responsibility to deliver proposals to the specified location prior to the deadline. The Port of Skagit is not responsible for lost, misdirected, or submittals delivered after the deadline.
QUESTIONS REGARDING REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing to Jodee Peace via email at: jodeep@portofskagit.com no later than 5 p.m. on Monday June 4th, 2018. Written responses to all questions will be provided Friday June 8th, 2018.
SCOPE OF SERVICES Please provide a separate monthly fee for security services at each of (1) the Skagit Regional Airport and Bayview Business Park and (2) the SWIFT Center (former Northern State Hospital). The scope of services requested is detailed below: One unarmed, uniformed security officer in a marked patrol vehicle shall perform at least one unscheduled mobile patrol of minimum 30-minute duration, every hour over the course of a Port specified 12-hour period, 7 days per week, including holidays. During mobile patrols the officer shall perform the following duties:
Check for open doors and windows, unlocked/ open gates, suspicious activity, vandalism, and unauthorized persons inside or outside of facilities after business hours.
Record and report light outages at Port signs, street lights, airport beacon and antenna tower lights. Note street light outages with tag number, reading vertically from first column, then second column. Document outages in daily report.
For airport, check and record Non- Directional Beacon (NDB) meter readings a minimum for four (4) times per shift and report outages.
For airport, lock and unlock airport terminal doors as specified by Port.
Provide daily security log to Port. o Periodic contact with Port staff for briefings or new instructions relating to security issues.
Report emergency situations involving fire, aircraft crashes, petroleum/chemical spills, waterline ruptures and structural collapse to 911and Port emergency call out personnel.
Contact Port emergency call out personnel to report emergencies that do not require fore and or police response, but that do require immediate ate attention or action by Port staff, such as waterline ruptures.
Patrol vehicle must be equipped with spotlight to check doors, windows and gates of businesses on the properties.
For airport patrol vehicle must be equipped with amber beacon light on vehicle, and light must be on when inside of gate on airfield.
The Port of Skagit will supply the security agency with a call-out list of key Port personnel in case of emergency, as well as a tenant list with phone numbers in case of open doors or other after-hours emergency. List of names and numbers will be kept in security agency dispatch center for privacy. It is the responsibility of Port personnel to keep the list up-to-date.
All security guards assigned to Port properties must be duly licensed by the State of Washington pursuant to Chapter 18.170 RCW.
Port of Skagit County shall be named as an additional insured on firm’s Comprehensive General Liability and Property Damage Insurance policy, with coverage in amounts not less than: o $1,000,000 each occurrence / $5,000,000 general aggregate for bodily injury and property damage o $1,000,000 each occurrence for automobile liability o $3,000,000 each occurrence / aggregate claims made umbrella liability
SELECTION PROCESS The following process will be used to select a firm to provide security services as described herein:
1.Proposals received by the deadline will be reviewed.
2.Some or all firms may be invited to take part in an interview with Port staff to discuss the submitted proposal and the firm’s qualifications.
3.The Port reserves the right to make an award to any firm or combination of firms whose proposal(s), in the opinion of the Port, is in the best interest of the Port. This determination may be made with regard to quality of services, experience, and other such factors, including price.
RIGHT TO REJECT PROPOSALS The Port of Skagit reserves the right to:
1.Amend the Request for Proposal.
2.Reject any and or all proposals at any time without penalty.
3.Not award a contract for the services.
4.Award a contract for only a portion of the work described herein.
5.Waive any irregularities or informalities in any proposal.
RIGHT TO WITHDRAW PROPOSALS Respondents may withdraw a proposal which has been submitted at any time up to the proposal closing date and time. To accomplish this, a written request signed by an authorized representative of the firm must be submitted to the Port of Skagit. After withdrawing a previously submitted proposal, the respondent may submit another proposal at any time up to the proposal closing date and time.
COST OF PREPARATION OF PROPOSAL The Port of Skagit shall not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation, printing, interview, or negotiation process.
CONFIDENTIALITY The firm, its employees, subcontractors, and their employees shall maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the Port or otherwise acquired by the firm as a result of this selection process.


RFP: Comprehensive Administrative Data Processing System
The City of Lynden is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purpose of soliciting vendor proposals for a comprehensive administrative data processing system to serve the current and projected needs of the City. The application software and hardware configuration should comply with the minimum specifications as outlined in the RFP.
The Request For Proposal with complete details, requirements and instructions can be seen on the City of Lynden website at the following link: www.lyndenwa.org/current-public-notice/
All inquiries may be directed to the City of Lynden Finance Department, at (360) 354-2829.
Anthony Burrows, Finance Director, City of Lynden


Quotes for Surplus Concrete/Asphalt Materials – Town Of Concrete
The Town of Concrete is seeking quotes/proposals from companies who may be interested in materials stockpiled by the town.
The materials include: concrete and asphalt chunks that may contain rebar, medium to large size rocks and other miscellaneous materials.
Materials may be viewed by contacting PW Assistant Rich Philips at 360.770.1269.
Please submit a letter of interest stating your company name, location, estimated amount of material, and the cost the company is proposing to pay per ton or truckload (if using truckload, state the load size) or the rate the company would charge for removal. Materials will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis as proposals are approved until all surplus materials are gone.
Letters of interest can be submitted by email to info@concretewa.gov, by mail to P.O. Box 39, Concrete, WA 98237, hand delivered to 45672 Main Street, Concrete, WA 98237 or by fax to 360.853.8002.