A Little about Me

I spend a great deal of time volunteering for the Conservation District;?I am the Secretary of the Friday Creek Habitat Stewards;?was featured in the last Conservation Publication, Winter 2015,?on Page 4 (http://www.skagitcd.org/sites/default/files/publications/newsletters/SCD%20Winter2015%20Newsletter.pdf) and in the Skagit Valley Herald in April?for my efforts.

– Dawn Harju, President

WCR Publications Inc


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Contractors Who Don’t Pay

As you know, our bill is small compared to the cost of construction.

I understand that sometimes a company falls on hard times. The difference between a good company & a bad company, in my opinion, is honesty.

If someone calls and says they can?t pay right now, I understand and we work it out. But when someone tells me to my face they?ll pay and then does not, that is just RUDE.

I’m happy to share this information so you too don’t get stuck with the bill. – Dawn


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I have spent the past 2 years learning and participating in programs with the Skagit County Conservation District. I am so very blessed!!!


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2014 as Western Construction Resources

I am writing to thank you for your continued support and to let you know about several changes for 2014. First, WCR Publications is now doing business as Western Construction Resources. We changed the name to reflect our broader scope of business.

It?s been more than a decade, but WCR had to finally bite the bullet and raise prices. We waited through the economic downturn because we care about your business and didn?t want to place more stress on it. This increase is crucial for WCR to stay in business and create an online plan registration system. Even with our modest price increase, WCR is the least expensive resource of its kind in Western Washington. In fact, we are the only physical plan center west of the Cascade Mountains and north of Kirkland.

As in the past, we have several memberships to choose from:

Annual ??????????? 52 weeks???????? $850??????????????? Quarterly???????? 13 weeks???????? $300

Semi-Annual?? 26 weeks???????? $450??????????????? Monthly?????????? 4 weeks?????????? ? $115

Also in 2014, we are offering prepaid copy services. Pay an additional $25, $50, or $100 with your membership fee ? save us the headache of additional billing and you?ll get plan copies (24″x36″) for $1.25 vs $1.50 and photocopies for $0.07 vs $ 0.10 each.

Refer a friend for a free trial membership and, when they join, we?ll give you a $50 credit for printing, scanning, or bindery services to be used in the year.

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Right Here! Right Now!!!

I love love love my work & I love love love our customers. Even as I work 14 hour days, there is nowhere I’d rather be, than Right Here! Right Now!!!? – Dawn

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