WCR Subscription Rate Increase


I hope you are having a wonderful week.

I’m writing to let you know we have a rate increase for 2018 (letter included). It’s been four years and is necessary to keep up with increasing costs and to better assist you.

You may offset this increase by renewing your membership by December 31, 2017 or by taking advantage of our “Refer a Friend” program.

It is my intention to make WCR the best place to come for construction leads. I love this work and am committed to you and our community.

I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Dawn Harju,

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Sehome Hill Communications Tower Replacement

Bid Date: 09/12/2017
Award Date: 12/4/17
Award to: Award Construction Inc.
Award Amount: $730,464.00
Engineers Estimate: $558,772.35
Project Overview: EK-0001 48B-2017
Replacement of the communications tower located in the Sehome Hill Arboretum. A new tower and shelter will be installed at the south end of the existing Arboretum parking lot. After all communications equipment is transferred to the new tower site, the existing tower will be decommissioned and removed. The tower at this site supports various critical communications facilities owned by several public entities, including Police, Fire, Public Works, Port of Bellingham, and Western Washington University. Telecommunication companies also lease antenna space on the tower and within the equipment shelter, providing cellular/wireless communications for local residents.
The existing communication tower has been evaluated, and due to equipment revisions and code criteria changes, further equipment modifications or additions cannot be performed on the existing structure. Various structural modifications have been performed over the life of the structure to increase structural capacity, and options for additional modification of the existing tower have been exhausted. A new tower will provide the needed space and capacity to safely house and support all existing equipment and provide for future expansion and communication needs into the future.
Read more here: https://www.cob.org/gov/projects/Pages/Public%20Works/Sehome-Hill-Communications-Tower-Replacement.aspx

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Hot Permit List for November

Mondays we’ll give you the run down on construction permits that are notable due to size or community interest. Because it’s a new idea, here are a few from the past month that may interest you:

Manufacturing Bldg with Grading Permit
Location: 916 North Hill Boulevard
Cost of Construction: $2,945,046
Size: 40000 SF
Owner: Pacific Woodtech Corporation 360-707-2200, 1850 Park Lane Burlington 98233 WA
Contractor: Quantum Construction Inc 360/293-0656, 12761 Quantum Lane Anacortes 98221 WA
Issued By: City Of Burlington
Permit# PR2017135
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 12/7

Single Family Residence/Garage/Deck –Replacement
Location: 5417 Island View Way Bow
Cost of Construction: $1,032,738
Size: 13,819sf
Owner: Shabir Balolia, 1821 Valencia St Bellingham 98229 Wa
Contractor: Pearson Construction Corp. 360/733-2160, 2034 Franklin St Bellingham 98225 Wa
Issued By: Skagit County
Permit# BP17-0583
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 11/22

Weld Facility Expansion, Addition 100×82 Add W/ Interior Gantry Crane, Add Bath
Location: 4519 Grandview Road, Blaine
Cost of Construction: $1,300,000
Size: 8200sf
Owner: Bp West Coast Products LLC 360-319-4087, 4519 Grandview Rd Blaine 98230 WA
Contractor: Matrix Service 360-676-4905, 3810 Bakerview Spur Bellingham 98226 WA
Issued By: Whatcom County
Permit# COM2017-00115
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 11/16

New Commercial Building
Location: 640 Harris Ave
Cost of Construction: $2,309,974
Size: not given
Owner: Haskell Corporation, Po Box 917
Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc 360/756-1000, 405 32nd St Ste 110 / Box 30920 Bellingham 98228
Issued By: City of Bellingham
Permit# BLD2017-1029
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 11/9

Sehome High School – New Education Bldg
Location: 2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225
Cost of Construction: $26,298,205 27
Gross Building Area: 194,350 SF
Gross Building Footprint: 126,981 SF
Owner: Bellingham School District, 360-676-6400, 1306 Dupont St, Bellingham, WA 98225
Contractor: Dawson Construction Inc 360/756-1000, 405 32nd St Ste 110 / Box 30920 Bellingham 98228
Issued By: City of Bellingham
Permit# BLD2017-0479
WCR Permit Report Listed On: 11/9


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Skagit Valley Family YMCA Project – Construction Begins

Ground Broken: September 21, 2017
Size: 62,000sf 2 story  YMCA facility on Hoag Road just West of the Salem Lutheran Church (click here to see the location)
Cost: $24 million
Funding: $13 million Individual donations; $6 million YMCA Financing; $4 million State grants; $1 million Partner donations

Project Manager: Jeremy McNett of Underwood & Associates in Anacortes
Architect: BCRA Design
Contractor: TRICO Companies of Burlington

Grand Opening: Spring 2019

View the Construction Stormwater General Permit

View Rendering of Building & Floor Plans: http://www.letsbuildit2019.org/about-the-project/

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Email Signatures

Hello! Can you believe we are 1/2 way through the year?

I want to encourage you to add your ‘signature’ to all you emails which would include your Company Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Address. Why, you ask? Not only will it help clients & customers contact you, it builds trust. There was a study done that generally says someone must see your company name at least 6 times to build name recognition. With recognition comes trust. If you are not promoting your company, who will?

So, I say, why not?

Have a wonderful month – Dawn

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Addenda Hell!

Beware, Rant Coming: What the heck! Have architects & engineers gone mad? Have they quit doing their freaking homework? Seems like the farther we get in the digital age the less care they take with projects. Today I received an electronic addendum with 102 plans in it. Are you freaking kidding me?! That is irrantional. There were only 220 plans to begin with. This is just an example. In the past months I’ve seen whole plan sets re-posted as an addenda. Insane! it used to be the architects/engineers were responsible for printing and sending out the addenda and this NEVER happened. What does one tell oneself… don’t worry about getting it correct, we’ll just send out an addendum? Crazy! – Dawn

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What a fantastic year!

Hello! i am really happy with the progress we’ve made in 2015. Our staff now consists of Elizabeth, Lindsay, Joseph, Lori Lynn & I. (Let’s not forget Sam!) Now that I have coverage, I’m going to move full-force in to creating an on-online plan room. So very exciting. I’ve been spec’ing it out for years!!! Thank you for being so awesome. We look forward to working with you in the future – Dawn

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