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Addenda Hell!

Beware, Rant Coming: What the heck! Have architects & engineers gone mad? Have they quit doing their freaking homework? Seems like the farther we get in the digital age the less care they take with projects. Today I received an electronic addendum with 102 plans in it. Are you freaking kidding me?! That is irrantional. There were only 220 plans to begin with. This is just an example. In the past months I’ve seen whole plan sets re-posted as an addenda. Insane! it used to be the architects/engineers were responsible for printing and sending out the addenda and this NEVER happened. What does one tell oneself… don’t worry about getting it correct, we’ll just send out an addendum? Crazy! – Dawn

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What a fantastic year!

Hello! i am really happy with the progress we’ve made in 2015. Our staff now consists of Elizabeth, Lindsay, Joseph, Lori Lynn & I. (Let’s not forget Sam!) Now that I have coverage, I’m going to move full-force in to creating an on-online plan room. So very exciting. I’ve been spec’ing it out for years!!! Thank you for being so awesome. We look forward to working with you in the future – Dawn

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A Little about Me

I spend a great deal of time volunteering for the Conservation District;?I am the Secretary of the Friday Creek Habitat Stewards;?was featured in the last Conservation Publication, Winter 2015,?on Page 4 (http://www.skagitcd.org/sites/default/files/publications/newsletters/SCD%20Winter2015%20Newsletter.pdf) and in the Skagit Valley Herald in April?for my efforts.

– Dawn Harju, President

WCR Publications Inc


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Contractors Who Don’t Pay

As you know, our bill is small compared to the cost of construction.

I understand that sometimes a company falls on hard times. The difference between a good company & a bad company, in my opinion, is honesty.

If someone calls and says they can?t pay right now, I understand and we work it out. But when someone tells me to my face they?ll pay and then does not, that is just RUDE.

I’m happy to share this information so you too don’t get stuck with the bill. – Dawn


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I have spent the past 2 years learning and participating in programs with the Skagit County Conservation District. I am so very blessed!!!


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