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Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area

Thursday, March 22nd

M     8:30am    Lake City Branch Library

M         10am   Big Quilcene Diversion Timber Crib Dam Repair or 3/20

nm       11am   Playground Revitalization Madrrona ES

M         12pm   Roofing Repl Maplewood

M         12pm   Roofing Repl Millwood

nm         2pm   Roofing Repl Villages at South Station

nm         1pm   Parkview Dr Area Improv

Friday, March 23rd  

nm       10am   Sunrise ES

nm       11am   Lafayette Rd Improv Raspberry Ridge

M           1pm   Yesler Terrace Ph IV Housing RFCP or 3/21

Monday, March 26th

nm       10am   Elevator Modernization Courthouse & Admin West

nm       11am   Admin Bldg Tanner Electric Cooperative

Tuesday, March 27th

nm         9am   SSHP Security Upgrades Ph 2A & 2B

M        10am  Central Kitchen – moved by Add01

M         11am   Security Video System Upgrades CBCC

nm       11am   5-Way Pedestrian Intersection

Wednesday, March 28th

nm       10am   Service Center Print Shop

nm       10am   Pavement Preservation Vashon  Hwy SW

nm       11am   HVAC Repl Harbor Square Property

M           1pm   S Plant Painting  Ext Walls Ph B also 3/21

M       1:30pm  Roof Repl Humanities

Thursday, March 29th

M           8am   Conveyance – Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment or 4/2

M           1pm   Flap Gate Install 63rd PS Outfall or 4/3

nm         2pm   Rebid 36th Ave W Corridor Improv – notify of attendance by 4/28 4pm

Monday, April 2nd

M           1pm   Conveyance – Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment or 3/29

Tuesday, April 3rd  

M           1pm   Flap Gate Install 63rd PS Outfall or 3/29

Wednesday, April 4th  

nm         1pm   Lincoln St Improv Ph 1 & 2


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