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Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area

Monday, September 24th   

nm         9am   Automated Secure Exit Lane Rebid

Tuesday, September 25th   

nm       11am   Exterior Door Repl Main Bldg

Wednesday, September 26th   

nm       11am   Utility Renewal Capitol Campus

nm         3pm   Wing Luke ES Ph II B09802

Thursday, September 27th  

nm       10am   Pre Ad Meeting: Flood Deflection Berm SR 20/ 7 miles W of Rainy Pass

nm       10am   Evergreen Branch Library Expansion or 9/28

nm         1pm   Womens Locker Room Addition Mariner HS

Friday, September 28th   

nm       10am   Evergreen Branch Library Expansion or 9/27

nm         1pm   Security & Surveillance

nm         2pm   Perimeter Lighting & UPS Upgrade



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