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Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area

Friday, February 23rd

nm         1pm   RFQ Wastewater Treatment Disinfection Alternatives

Monday, February 26th

M           9am   Pavement & Pedestrian Access Improv or 2/27

M         10am   Kent Panther Lake Library

nm       10am   CSO Reduction Phase 2A

Tuesday, February 27th

M      9:30am   disAbility Resources for Students & Veterans Svc

nm       10am   Pogue Mountain Unit Boundary Interior Fence

nm       10am   Roof Repl Ph III Woodway Campus

M         10am   Pavement & Pedestrian Access Improv or 2/26

nm       10am   Water Main Repl Program Ph 3 Sylvan Park

nm       11am   Rebid Carnegie Restoration Ph2

Wednesday, February 28th

nm         9am   Radiator Refinishing Federal Bldg

nm       10am   Tunk Valley Unit Boundary Interior Fence Scotch Creek

nm         2pm   Washington Street Improvements

Thursday, March 1st

nm    9:30am   Road Reconstruction Fort Steilacoom Park

nm       10am   Transportation Center Improvements

M         10am   Site Improv Juanita Court

nm       10am   Station 22 Bainbridge Island FD

nm        1pm   Butterfly Valve Repl Novelty Hill

Wednesday, March 7th

nm    2:30pm   Technology Infrastructure & Fiber Upgrades

M      3:30pm   McLane ES Modernization

Thursday, March 8th

nm         1pm   B-26 Reno Health and Life Sciences


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