Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area

Thursday, February 27th   

M         10am   Medium Voltage Transformer Replacement

nm         1pm   Kitchen & Plumbing Repairs FS

Tuesday, March 3rd   

nm       12pm   Cordata Park Ph 1 Planting

Wednesday, March 4th  

nm       10am   Sidewalk Repairs

nm         1pm   Shipping Terminal Utility Improvements 2019

Thursday, March 5th    

M         10am   Door & Hardware Repl Eastlake

M         10am   Cancer Center Level 1

nm       10am   Toilet Room Reno C-81 Bldg & Rainier Hall

nm         1pm   Reeds Ln And Emerson Rd Improvements

Monday, March 9th  

M         10am   WSP BAR Unit Conversion

Tuesday, March 10th   

nm         9am   RR Roof Repl Pressentin Trailhead

nm       11am   Water Tank And Source Metering Improvements

Friday, March 13th    

M           2pm   Aeration Tank 2 and Booster Pumps




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