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Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area

Thursday, February 14th       

nm         1pm   Midway Lot Improv & Right of Way Construction

Tuesday, February 19th        

M         10am   Mechanical Improv SCC

nm       10am   Early Learning Center Ph2

nm       10am   Jail Improvements Detention Doors and Hardware(Add 01)

nm       11am   Rebid Elochoman River Intake Rebuild  Beaver Creek Hatchery

nm       11am   Seismic Improv Catharine Blaine K-8

nm  12:30pm   Modernize 3 Traction Elevators Emergency-Tacoma Rhodes Garage

nm         1pm   Traffic Signal & Frontage Improv Pattison St – Martin Way

nm         1pm   Clear Boarding PhII Baker Heights

nm         2pm   Geneva Sewer Pump Station (Add 01)

Wednesday, February 20th       

nm       10am   Johns River Unit Trail & Ramp Repair Johns River Wildlife Area

M     1:30pm    Electronic Safety & Security Upgrade Parks Hall & Science Lecture

Thursday, February 21st       

nm       10am   PWC – West Monroe Circuits Transmission & Distribution

nm       10am   HVAC Unit Repl Bldg 7 8 18 TCC

nm         1pm   Country Club HDD 8in Sewer Gravity Main

nm         2pm   Composites Manufacturing Lab PSSC

Tuesday, February 26th         

nm       10am   Rebid Restoration Area 1 Lower Forks Creek

Thursday, February 28th      

nm         9am   Seismic Improv View Ridge

nm       10am   Site Visit: Electrical Renovation of Main  & Day Lodge Timberline Lodge

nm   2:30pm    Alternative Learning Center

Thursday, March 7th     

nm       10am   Prebid Conf: Electrical Renovation of Main  & Day Lodge Timberline Lodge



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