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Upcoming Prebid Meetings

*Note: M=mandatory; nm=non-mandatory

Blue & Underlined = In Area


Wednesday, May 23rd

nm         9am   South Landscape Upgrades ESD No. 2

nm       10am   Upper Roof Repl Transitional Svcs Bldg

nm       11am   North Landscape Upgrades ESD No 2

nm         2pm   Cottage Roof Repl WA School for the Blind

nm         3pm   Risdon MS Trail

M      3:30pm   Abatement & Demo Parkwood ES Repl

Thursday, May 24th 

nm       10am   AMTEC Toilet Room Renovations

M         10am   PWC 75th Street Business Center (or 5/22)

nm       10am   Earthwork for Franchise Utilities Granary Ave & Laurel St

nm   10:30am  SE 19th Way Road Realignment & Revetment Repair

nm    1:30pm   Whaling Bldg Reno Meydenbauer Bay Park

M           2pm   Nesset Reach Ph2

Friday, May 25th 

M           9am   Rebid Cardiac Catheterization Lab SVH (or 6/1)

M           9am   Skookum-Edfro Reach Ph 2 Restoration

M         10am   Site Improv Ph3 Valli Kee

Tuesday, May 29th 

nm       10am   Interior Remodeling & Site Work Package

nm         2pm   Asphalt Repl Somerset Gardens Apt

Wednesday, May 30th 

M         10am   Rebid Ross Dam GPS Monitoring System

nm       10am   Mukilteo Ferry Terminal Ph 2 – changed by Add 01

nm       10am   New Boilers Ahtanum View Work Release

nm       10am   Field Drainage Improvements

nm       10am   New Fire Station Shoreline

nm       10am   Science, Engineering & Technology Bldg

Thursday, May 31st 

M           9am   WSP New Program & Support Bldg

nm       10am   Intersection Improv 32nd St & D Ave

nm         1pm   Roof Repl CSTC HS Bldg 17-476

Friday, June 1st 

M           9am   Rebid Cardiac Catheterization Lab SVH (or 5/25)

Wednesday, June 6th

nm         2pm   Tollgate Trail Extension

Thursday, June 7th 

M           9am   MF Porter Creek Reach Ph 4 In-Stream Restoration


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